Luxurious build on the British property market.

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Neo Granite has always aspired to collaborate with ambitious thinking people and help make things that may seem out of reach, very much a reality.

This project is no exception, so much so that it caught the eye of the media and in particular, The Daily Mail. The property being described is Whitelands, which is a new build property on the highly exclusive St George’s Hill private estate in Weybridge, Surrey.

This home has been surrounded by stars such as Ringo Starr and Jenson Button in the past and boasts a staggering amount of breathtaking interior features, one of which was installed by our brilliant team. Modern design can have its difficulties, but with the use of premium materials and the best equipment on the planet, we are able to do things that other companies may not be able to.

Neo Granite installed a highly sophisticated feature comprised of what starts off as a modern ballroom space, before converting into a swimming pool at the single touch of a button, taking only six minutes.

It is because of the efforts of the team here that has contributed to the property being up for sale at an estimated 17 Million. Having built a company based on the principle of wanting to be an industry leader, it’s because of projects like these that allow us to showcase how passionate we are about granite, marble, quartz & sintered stone.

As always we’ll continue to update you on what we’re working on and once again, thank you for your continued support.

The Neo Granite team.