SMC Stone Machinery Supplies First Bovone Edge Polisher to Neo Granite

As one of the leading granite, marble and engineered stone processors in the whole go the Midlands’, Neo Granite is the very first company in the UK to receive a Bovone edge polishing and mitring machine, one of the premium brands supplied by SMC stone machinery.

The Bovone 11/45 Stonedge vertical edge polisher is an incredibly heavy duty machine designed to work with and process engineered stone, including Dekton with extreme precision at high speeds. It can easily produce a mitred polished edge in one single pass on engineered stone as well as marble and granite. This is made possible due to the layout of a track that holds the work solidly while it moves through the process – making working with Dekton notoriously simple.

This Italian made, 11 wheel, four tonne machine can produce accurate work with large pieces of stone, including highly polished edges. Seven of the grinding spindles are latched to a steel beam that quickly adjusts through variable up to 45 degrees, producing perfect mitres time after time.

The wheels have variable settings, that can be set to produce a regular polished flat edge with front and rear bevels in a single pass at an optimum operating speed of roughly a metre per minute on a 20mm stock, depending on the type of material being used.

Despite the Bovone’s ability to process and manoeuvre large and heavy pieces of work easily, it also has a refined and gentle set of functionality, with a minimum size allowing it to process pieces at 65mm x 65mm.