Neo Granite Makes The News

‘’Paul Willetts, relationship manager at Lombard, said: “Neo Granite is the perfect example of a business investing in innovation. The funding package we have provided with NatWest will help Neo Granite capitalise on a wider market and realise its growth ambitions.”

Neo Granite have made the news courtesy of the regional business news outlet ‘The Business Desk’ covering The West Midlands! This is an incredibly exciting time for all of us here as we are bursting with pride over how our hard work is beginning to be recognised more and more.

In the report, it outlines how we successfully obtained funding from both NatWest and Lombard, which enabled us to purchase premium manufacturing equipment such as our Sprint Line cutting machine. This alone makes us the only company in the UK to own this equipment as well as being third in the world. Other than this, we were able to acquire new waterjet cutting technology because of the funding package, allowing us to enhance our production line facilities even further.

The report also outlines how we expanded to a new premises spanning 9798 sqft which in turn gave us the wonderful opportunity to double our work space and bring two more employees in to our already brilliant team. We would like to thank The Business Desk for the very kind words and working with us so professionally & we look forward to possible future collaborations.

All of this was initially made possible because of small beginnings after having being founded in 2007 by our very own Marco Pernes – and we can’t wait to see what the future holds!