Lapitec approved fabricator

Lapitec are an Italian-based company working as one of the industry innovators when it comes to sintered stone. Harnessing the hardness of porcelain & the natural minerals of stone, Lapitec have the power to offer a truly unique product. It is a premium construction material created via advanced scientific manufacturing techniques unlike any other – their formula is 100% mineral based with no resins or hydrocarbon based binder components.

The team at NEO-Granite are proud to be a Lapitec approved fabricator as we are able to convey a premium product to our clients both old and new. We try to make strides forward in the technology we use within our team such as using the power of waterjet technology, but we also want to ensure we are handling only the best quality products while doing so. Lapitec allows us to do exactly that.

One of the unique features that we love about Lapitec sintered stone is in its heat resistant properties. Whether this is a kitchen worktop, a commercial bar or flooring, this stone allows for extreme tolerance against heat in all circumstances. As shown in the video below, in a kitchen environment, even with heat exceeding 100 degrees there will be no marks or rings left on your worktop making for more freedom in where you can place pots and pans.

This is one of the amazing features of Lapitec sintered stone, other than this their product offers graffiti resistance, shock resistance, stain resistance & scratch resistance. A truly comprehensive surface solution for the trials of everyday life.