Reception floor at NEO-Granite

Having moved to a new premises in January, we wanted to make a statement and create something that shows our ability to create & innovate complex designs using the state of the art technology we have at our fingertips. In the reception area of our new office we’ve created something truly brilliant. Using the latest in manufacturing technology, we’ve been able to craft two unique features we are incredibly proud to show off to everyone who steps into the building.

One of these creations is an incredibly unique item built in as part of the reception floor and is ready to be seen once you first walk in through the doors. This was achieved by taking a mixture of natural marble and granite and using our industry leading waterjet technology, we were able to create a series of intricate pieces all intertwining with one together to make a beautiful circular design – completing what we think is a work of art.

Second to this, in the main corridor, we have a series of footprints that have also been crafted out of marble & granite but for somewhat a different purpose. The floor of the corridor is in place with slots for these footprints to occupy pre-cut. What makes this a challenge is that if there is a slight differentiation in size between the two, they will not fit together and this will ruin what we are aiming for. Luckily for us having access to such precise technology, this is not a problem and we are confident in not only our technology but the staff manning it.